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Scottrade Transition Hub

Scottrade Transition Hub

Trade equities and ETFs commission-free for 90 days at TD Ameritrade + get up to $2,500*

We’re ready to help up your trading game.

Now’s the time to move your account to TD Ameritrade®.

Go ahead. Unleash your passion.

You're constantly focused on the market. And as we welcome ScottradePRO® clients to TD Ameritrade, we're all out focused on providing you with value at every turn.

From game-changing platforms to continued support from your Active Trader Group, you’ll enjoy advantages you won’t find anywhere else. Plus, you can say goodbye to many of the pass-through fees you’re paying today, including streaming market data and exchange fees. As we work toward the transition to TD Ameritrade, we encourage you to experience the TD Ameritrade difference by moving your ScottradePRO® account now.

Top things to know right now

handshake TD Ameritrade and Scottrade are coming together, and as a result, ScottradePRO will be ending its relationship with Interactive Brokers.
money Move your ScottradePRO account to TD Ameritrade by 12/31/2017, and you can trade equities and ETFs commission-free at TD Ameritrade for 90 days plus get up to $2,500.*
headset White Glove Service will ensure a smooth, successful transition for you. Call 866-502-5982 and a dedicated representative from the Active Trader Group will help you step-by-step when you move your account, and will get you all set up on your new trading platforms.

Trade what you want, when you want, with award-winning platforms

  • Gain access to TD Ameritrade’s award-winning platform, thinkorswim®, plus web and mobile-based platforms.
  • Learn how to quickly navigate our platforms with the How to thinkorswim manual.
  • Get a wealth of free educational resources such as video tutorials, manuals, publications and more to help you get up and running fast and master the tricks of the trade.

See how we’ll help you transform your trading

Preview revolutionary tools, in-depth education on advanced trading strategies, and services and products not available to you now.

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thinkorswim Web Mobile



thinkorswim isn’t just the average Joe platform. You get innovative technology combined with cutting-edge features. So you can analyze, strategize and trade like it’s nobody’s business.

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Our cloud trading platform has the tools and resources you need to invest with confidence. Trade smarter by leveraging our innovative products and enhance your web experience with our intuitive features. Everything is in one place, so that you can manage your portfolio more efficiently.

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Seize opportunity anywhere with mobile trading. Highly rated by Barron’s (4.9 out of 5 stars), our apps give you the power to monitor the market, research investment ideas, and trade everything from stocks to options—wherever you are.

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It doesn't get any better for the Active Trader


The same great service you now enjoy – from professionals you can trust to help you analyze and fine-tune your strategies and harness the power of your new trading platforms.


Comprehensive education center with hundreds of courses and tutorials – free for all clients.


Clear and transparent pricing.


Free services like streaming quotes, market data and news bring you added value.


Trade complex options from one single account.

Trade equities and ETFs commission-free for 90 days at TD Ameritrade + get up to $2,500*
Offer details

Exclusively for ScottradePRO® clients

300 commission-free Internet equity, ETF or options trades for 90 days plus, get up to $2,500 cash credit when you open and fund a new TD Ameritrade account by 12/31/17.

Here’s how your offer works:

Enjoy 300 commission-free trades at TD Ameritrade for 90 days with any deposit of $10,000 or more. Plus…

  • Get $100 when you deposit $25,000 - $99,999
  • Get $300 when you deposit $100,000 - $249,999
  • Get $600 when you deposit $250,000 - $499,999
  • Get $1,200 when you deposit $500,000-$999,999
  • Get $2,500 when you deposit $1,000,000+

Answers to some frequently asked questions

When do I need to take action?

We ask that you take action beginning in October to ensure your account smoothly transitions to TD Ameritrade. If you want to take advantage of the special offer only available for ScottradePRO® clients, you must open and fund a TD Ameritrade account with the required minimum deposit by 12/31/17.* Scottrade and TD Ameritrade have dedicated resources to help you through this account transition, and a representative from Scottrade’s Active Trader Group will be reaching out to you soon to check-in and see if you need help with your transition. We're working hard to transition the Scottrade Active Trader Group to TD Ameritrade, allowing them to service your account in the future. We expect this to be accomplished in October.

How long will an account transfer take?

Account transfers are sent via Automated Customer Account Transfer Service (ACATS) and take approximately five to eight business days upon initiation.

What are the benefits of moving to TD Ameritrade?

There are several benefits, including:

  • You get to keep your dedicated support from Scottrade’s Active Trader Group from start to finish. This is the service group currently supporting your ScottradePRO® account that you have come to know and trust.
  • You’ll continue to benefit from low trading fees and commissions including the $0.50 per-contract fee with a $5 minimum base commission rate for options and $0.005 per share with a $5 minimum for equities.
  • You’ll gain access to industry-leading trading technology including the highly recognized thinkorswim® platform and Mobile Trader apps designed for option traders like you.
  • You’ll eliminate many of the pass-through fees that come from your Scottrade clearing broker, such as streaming market data and exchange fees, saving you money.

These are only a few of the important benefits you’ll enjoy as a TD Ameritrade client. Click here to learn more.

How do I initiate a transfer to TD Ameritrade, and what are my best choices for the type of trader I am?

The Scottrade Active Trader Group can assist you with the transfer. There are several choices you have when moving your assets to TD Ameritrade.

Fastest: If your account is currently all in cash, you can wire funds directly to your new TD Ameritrade account. Here are the wiring instructions you'll be required to input online within the funding tab of your account management screen at ScottradePRO:

For financial institutions in the United States, wire to:
  Wells Fargo Bank, NA
  420 Montgomery Street
  San Francisco, CA 94104
  ABA transit routing #121000248

For credit to:
  TD Ameritrade Clearing, Inc.
  Account #4123214561

*For benefit of:
  Your nine-digit TD Ameritrade account number
  Your name
  Your address
  *required for timely and accurate processing of your wire request

ACATS: If you hold positions and don’t wish to liquidate them, you can submit a transfer request to move your whole account in kind. To initiate an ACATS transfer to your new TD Ameritrade account, please complete the ACATS request form and return to TD Ameritrade. We'll take care of the processing once received.

What if I want to test out the trading platform before moving my assets?

TD Ameritrade offers a way to test the platform before you commit live money. It’s called paperMoney®. You can use this virtual trading platform to place “paper” trades and test the full power of its tools like option strategy screeners combined with powerful fundamental research tools.

Are there any fees to move my account to TD Ameritrade?

No. Scottrade will waive any ACATS or wire transfer fees to help you move your money as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

How are you protecting my data and privacy during this transition?

Scottrade and TD Ameritrade are committed to your account security during this transition. With respect to any account transfer, Scottrade and TD Ameritrade will comply with SEC Regulation S-P (Privacy of Consumer Financial Information). View additional details about TD Ameritrade’s security and privacy policies.

How can I get updates on the transition?

We'll be updating this page as new information becomes available. Please check back for updates.

When do I need to move my account?

We ask that you take action beginning in October to ensure your account smoothly transitions to TD Ameritrade. Scottrade and TD Ameritrade have dedicated resources to help you through this account transition, and a representative from Scottrade’s Active Trader Group will be reaching out to you soon to check in and see if you need help with your transition. We're working hard to transition the Scottrade Active Trader Group to TD Ameritrade, allowing them to service your account in the future. We expect this to be accomplished in October.

What will happen if I do nothing?

If you choose to take no action, your account will remain with Scottrade's clearing broker and you'll lose access to Scottrade’s Active Trader Group who can help you with all your complex option trading needs.

Where do I go for more information about TD Ameritrade?

Learn more about TD Ameritrade, including its rich history and why you should choose us for your investment needs.

What type of account protection does TD Ameritrade have and what are the details?

Both Scottrade and TD Ameritrade offer SIPC protection to investors which protects securities customers of its members up to $500,000 (including $250,000 for claims for cash). Explanatory brochure is available on request at

Additionally, TD Ameritrade provides each client $149.5 million worth of protection for securities and $2 million of protection for cash through supplemental coverage provided by London insurers. In the event of a brokerage insolvency, a client may receive amounts due from the trustee in bankruptcy and then SIPC. Supplemental coverage is paid out after the trustee and SIPC payouts, and under such coverage each client is limited to a combined return of $152 million from a trustee, SIPC and London insurers. The TD Ameritrade supplemental coverage has an aggregate limit of $500 million over all customers. This policy provides coverage following brokerage insolvency and doesn't protect against loss in market value of the securities.

Furthermore, if you lose cash or securities from your account due to unauthorized activity, we'll reimburse you for the cash or shares of securities you lost. We offer you this protection, which adds to the provisions that already govern your account, in case unauthorized activity ever occurs and it was through no fault of your own. Explore more about our Asset Protection Guarantee.

I have other accounts at Scottrade, Inc. in addition to my ScottradePRO® account. What is going to happen to these accounts?

You can continue to trade in your other Scottrade accounts as you normally would. Your other Scottrade accounts will transition to TD Ameritrade in the first half of 2018 and no further action is required on your part. As we move closer to conversion of your additional Scottrade accounts, you can expect to receive additional communications from us.

If you have an urgent need to consolidate all of your accounts with TD Ameritrade, we ask that you reach out to your Scottrade Active Trader representative who will be there to guide you every step of the way. You can call us for more details at 866-502-5982.

What happens if I want to leave my Scottrade accounts and move only my ScottradePRO® account at this time?

If you choose to move only your ScottradePRO® account at this time, your regular Scottrade brokerage accounts will be processed in the transition with all other Scottrade accounts in early 2018.

What fees are changing that I need to know about?

You'll experience no change to your pricing structure. You'll continue to benefit from the same competitive commissions and margin rates. If you have negotiated pricing, this will remain in effect under most circumstances, and if there are any changes, you can expect notification.

While your primary commissions and fees will stay the same, in moving your account to TD Ameritrade you'll be eliminating many of the pass-through fees you are charged by your Scottrade clearing broker, such as streaming market data fees, exchange fees and more.

Some account service and operational fees may change. Review the new rates.

Can I call my branch?

Scottrade has a dedicated Active Trader Service group to handle questions related to your ScottradePRO® account. We recommend that Scottrade’s Active Trader Service group be your first contact with any questions related to transferring your ScottradePRO account to TD Ameritrade, or with questions related to the acquisition.

Will you have my historical information in the event I want to file taxes for trades done prior to 2017?

Yes. We'll have your tax information from ScottradePRO in an imaged document. If you're working with a tax program and require a .txf file for download, we'll be able to provide this. For detailed instructions on accessing the download, please contact Scottrade’s Active Trader Group 866-502-5982.

What will happen if I transfer back to Scottrade, Inc. and wait?

If you choose to move your ScottradePRO account back to a regular Scottrade brokerage account, you'll lose the opportunity to work with one of Scottrade’s Active Trader Group specialists who will help guide you through the process every step of the way.

If you choose to take this action and wait with the rest of Scottrade’s brokerage clients, your account will be slated to move to TD Ameritrade in early 2018 and you can expect further communications from Scottrade and your local branch on this.

Your Active Trader Group is here to help guide you through the transition.

Call us at 866-502-5982